Lawrie Rawson

DevCore Director, Lawrie Rawson, has spent more than 40 years bringing people’s dreams to life – designing and building quality homes throughout NSW and the ACT.

A former Director of Rawson Group, Lawrie played a pivotal role in the business’ growth from a small, family-owned and operated home building company based in regional NSW to one of the State’s leading home builders and residential development companies.

It is this experience, and an intuitive understanding of what’s required to transform land into a thriving community, that Lawrie brings to the DevCore team.

Following the sale of Rawson Group in 2017, Lawrie is relishing the opportunity to work alongside his brothers, Peter and Mark, and fellow Directors, Paul and Ben, to forge a successful future for DevCore. It is a business founded on the same values of integrity, honesty and excellence which saw Rawson Group set the industry benchmark for developments.

Based between Sydney and his family property in the Hunter Valley, Lawrie retains his life-long passion for development and a steadfast belief in its power to shape strong, prosperous communities in our cities and regions.